Mesoamerican Histories

2021 Kirby Vickery May 2021

By Kirby Vickery on the May 2021 Edition

The Manzanillo Sun Magazine was created by a wonderful lady by the name of Freda Rumford for her son and herself for something to do. When I married Freda, she found out that I liked to write and asked if I would ‘do’ an article for the Sun. I was thrilled but hadn’t the foggiest idea on what to write about because my genres were Science Fiction, Fantasy and Short Story. We put our heads together and decided that I could do a piece of the street scene in and around Manzanillo. And that was fun until we had to move back to Canada and I couldn’t be around to see, take pictures and write on that subject. So, we put our heads together again and she suggested I do something with history because of my education and love for historical things. That’s when Aztec Mythology got coined for a subject in the magazine.

Through the years, I would return to the Manzanillo streets when we came back and I kept writing about Mesoamerican Mythology when we were travelling or soaking up the Canadian winter sun in Edmonton.

When Freda realized that she would never be able to go back to Manzanillo, she sold the magazine to Dana who had asked me to continue to write. So, I did. I also turned over the distribution of it to her and that was a relief as the folks who ran my e-mail software were relieved that they wouldn’t have to threaten me for using their internet as a foundation for other internet sales.

I ran out of Aztec Mythology, then Mayan and Toltec Mythologies. So, with Ewa, my new wife’s, editing, I settled into the other aspects of these people’s lives while tossing in an occasional child’s tale every now and then. To me it was fun, and I was even able to include two stories which I made up.

I’ll miss the monthly writing projects now that the magazine is closing down, and I’ll miss you readers who have, at times, given me advice, directions to go, as well as accolades for my efforts. To you all, I say,

“Ma’alob tuméen ka justo ti’ le futuro.” [check the current day Maya language.]

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