Baja, Mexico Offering snowbirds adventure for a day, a week or a month

By Dan and Lisa Goy on the May 2021 Edition Baja California “Baja California is a unique recreational Paradise-in-the Sun, dominated by its 2,000 mile coastline. It pampers the jet set in its cities, hotels and resorts without the high-rise, high-tension setting common in other resort areas. Those craving outdoor adventures find a largely undeveloped, beautiful […]

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By Terry Sovil on the May 2021 Edition I remember back to the original organization meetings for a local magazine. Freda A. Rumford plus many others gathered to write various articles. I still have my copy of 2009/2010 Edition of “Shopping in Mexico”. It was some list of basic food translations, emergency and referral numbers for […]

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Hybrid Glory Bower Vine – I Planted Roots in Mexico

By Tommy Clarkson on the April 2021 Edition Hybrid Glory Bower Vine Clerodendrum x speciosum Family: Lamiaceae Also known as: Clerodendrom Vine (Before we go one word further, if you’ve read – and remember what I wrote – about the Bleeding Heart (Clerodendrom thomsoniae) in volume I of this series, you already know over 90% of […]

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