January 2013

In this issue: Living in Mexico Grocery Gamut – Suzanne A. Marshall Snippets Green Flash Reflections – Freda Rumford A Christmas Story – Kirby Vickery Healthy Habits – Karen Trom Children Christmas Parties – Terry Sovil Gauchos Restaurant – Terry Sovil Humor We all have Met’am – Tommy Clarkson Twisted way we Gringos Speak – […]

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Elegant Schefflera

By Tommy Clarkson from the January 2013 Edition Dizygotheca elegantissima, Aralia elegantissima or Schefflera elegantissima Family: Arabia, Araliace or Schefflera (Also known as False Aralia, Finger Aralia, Spider Aralia, or Thread-Leaf Aralia) No, this is not pot, hemp, ganga, Mary Jane, swag or any of its other scores of names! (You know of what we […]

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Manzanillo Sun

A Christmas Story

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the January 2013 Edition It was the morning before Christmas and Santa Claus was blissfully dreaming of being able to rearrange the younger children’s factory with the purchase of some new labor saving fabrication equipment. This was something he had intended on doing for several years but for one reason […]

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