Manzanillo Sun July 2010 cover

Index 2010

In this issue: Index to articles & Stories over the past year   —————— Read the full magazine in flipping magazine style at Issuu Download in PDF – large file size -1.33mb   Manzanillo SunManzanillo Sun’s eMagazine written by local authors about living in Manzanillo and Mexico, since 2009

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Manzanillo Sun November 2009 cover

December 2009

In this issue: Personality of the month Maby Seidel of Mese House – Diana Stewart Living Going South for Christmas – Freda Rumford First Christmas in Mexico – Terry Sovil Our twisted way of speaking – Tommy Clarkson Manzanillo Ansilo de los Ancianos in Manzanillo in dire straits – Glen Wilchek Recipe of the month […]

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Las Palomas Blancas

By Howard Platt from the December 2009 Edition Birdwatchers will know that the rock pigeon, Columba livia, may have been the first animal domesticated by man, many thousands of years ago in the Middle East. Domestication, probably as a food source, was followed by breeding and the development of birds in many colours and fancy […]

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