Internet availability and internet cafés

Internet cafes in Manzanillo and surrounding areas can be found in the downtown and on Santiago Peninsula. Rates at a cafe run from $15 to $25 pesos per hour. This is usually meant for you to use their computer. Make sure you securely log out and don’t save the password on their computer.

Nowadays, wifi can be found most anywhere, including in public parks and areas. Most hotels have it readily available though, in some cases, you’ll need to go to the restaurant or lobby to use it.the-beach

While most establishments now make wifi available, they understand it to be a value-added service to paying patrons and expect the client to order as well as to tip in most cases.

You’ll find internet now available on some long-distance buses. You can also get a prepaid internet device (either a USB one that plugs in to your laptop or, more conveniently, a wifi hotspot to connect various devices) where you buy a sim and recharge with prepaid cards. As plans are always changing, it’s hard to recommend one company in particular. Typically, with a wifi hotspot, you’ll have to carefully watch your consumption as it can run out quickly. If you do decide for one with prepaid cards, be sure to check the expiry. No point in loading a lot of balance on the device only to have it expire before you use it. Manzanillo internet cafe wifi

Many of the wifi signals publically-available are not meant for streaming and often not meant for VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone calls such as over Skype. That’s best done on a network where you are the only user.

If you are going to be living in Mexico all or part of the year, you’ll likely want to consider getting a proper home modem and wifi through Telmex.