Activities and sports in Manzanillo

Manzanillo, Barra de Navidad, Melaque and the whole area just abounds with things to do. Puerto Vallarta is only a 4 hr bus ride, Guadalajara is also 4 hrs, Colima is a mere 40 minutes. There are sports and activities for everyone to enjoy. Manzanillo has miles of coastline spread out across the resorts two main bays; Manzanillo and Santiago.

Manzanillo is blessed with some of Mexico’s best but not crowded beaches. Water skiing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling are among the favorites water sports available. Tours to Turtle Breeding Farms, to trips to live volcanoes and black sand beaches. Hiking tours, to lagoons, kayaking on lagoons viewing Caimans and Crocodiles, and the local sea life that inhabits these lagoons. Shopping tours to Colima and Guadalajara. Deep Sea Fishing, abounds here in Manzanillo, with fishing boats from Las Hadas to El Centro to Barra de Navidad/Melaque.

Sport fishing

sailfish in ManzanilloManzanillo is known as “The World Capital of Sail fishing”, because of its great and famous fishing tournaments held every year. Deep-sea fishing is one of the most important attractions for the tourism that comes to Manzanillo is fishing. It enjoys international reputation because of the simplicity it is practiced, here in Manzanillo. Due to the fact that in these waters has been captured the biggest number of sailfish worldwide, the port has received the title of The World Capital of the Sailfish, as we mentioned before.

Deep-sea fishing is a way of fishing that requires water craft that can navigate distances of 16 km of the coast, on the open sea, where the water depth allows you to catch large specimens like, sailfish and black, striped and blue marlin. Manzanillo’s advantage over other ports is that here, to catch these fish, you need to navigate for only 10 to 15 minutes from the point of departure; but in other tourist destinations you have to navigate from 2 to 3 hours to catch one.


golf in Manzanillo Another sport that is practiced in Manzanillo and that has given it reputation worldwide is golf, thanks to its wonderful courses that have turned into headquarters of international tournaments, where the most world famous golfers play. The most spectacular course is that of Isla Navidad, thanks to its design, meticulously planned by architect Robert Von Hagge, who has also designed 184 other besides this one and participated in the planning of the design of other 200 in the world. The 27 hole gold course have turned it into a challenge for many golfers.

The other great courses of Manzanillo are: La Mantarraya, a championship 18 hole course designed by Pete & Roy Dye is located on the Las Hadas Resort. Club Santiago offers 9 challenging holes on fairways lined with lush coconut palms.


kayaking in ManzanilloEnjoy the adventure of navigating in kayak on the lagoons and swaps of calm waters of Manzanillo Bay. You will be amazed by the exotic natural views and the extensive palms tree plantations and marine birds. You should maintain your eyes wide open to see the tropical fauna of the region.

Safaris and hikes

tropical forest in ManzanilloEnjoy the sensational view of Manzanillo Bay from the heights of the Tropical Forest of Tlacotla, just a few kilometers away from Manzanillo. Participate in a guided safari in the heart of the jungle and then swim in the fresh and cold waters of its natural ponds.


Volcan de ColimaJoin tours on marvelous journeys through endless palm forests, gorgeous valleys and deep canyons. There you can enjoy the Nevado National Park which is more than 13,000 feet high and a spectacular view of its neighboring peak “Volcán de Fuego” (also known as the Volcán de Colima) the most active volcano in Mexico. The other nearby volcanos are the “El Cantaro” and “Nevado de Colima”.


Today, the capital of the state, the city with the same name — Colima — is a medium-sized city with a population of approximately 160,000 people.

Extensive coconut palm trees blending perfectly with colonial-style constructions give Colima, known as the City of Palms, its distinctively provincial air.

The city is set in a tranquil and fertile valley to the west of the Sierra Madre Occidental. The region around Colima is famous for the clay dog figures sculpted by the nahuatl culture settled in the area.

Just half an hour from the City of Colima is the Ticuzitan lagoon, and from the city you reach within 15 minutes the Coahuayana River, with its heavy flowing and lush vegetation a nice attraction for all visitors.

Other activities

Other activities for active visitors include hiking, road and mountain bike rental and tours, horseback riding (beach and mountain), off-roading, waverunners, SCUBA, yoga, dance classes, snorkeling and more. There are a few gyms around, also some hotels with great exercise facilities. Personal trainers can be arranged at most gyms. There are all sorts of facilities…even the Manzanillo Country Club has swimming pools and gyms and tennis courts, enough to please any enthusiast.