Manzanillo Sun Media Kit (last updated October 2016)

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Manzanillo Sun is Coastal Mexico’s lifestyle e-magazine and community web site. Founded in 2009 to serve (primarily) the expat community in the Manzanillo and Costalegre areas, it has grown to encompass Ajijic and Chapala as well as having readership in other parts of the country, including Puerto Vallarta and San Miguel de Allende.Manzanillo Sun eMagazine

Manzanillo Sun readers are all over the world and share a love for Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

The Manzanillo Sun e-magazine is published monthly. With the number of historical downloads of each edition of the magazine averaging more than 1,000, it has been a popular venue for interesting and informative articles about living in Mexico, style, food and entertainment.

Manzanillo Sun eMagazineThe magazine would not exist without the wonderful advertisers that have found value in promoting their businesses through our online and e-magazine ad spaces. Here you will find our current pricing as affordable options for your business to make a big impression!

We have free and paid options to reach your clientele. We offer a range of opportunities and specials.

Join us in reaching your clients through our online and e-magazine publications. As well, advertisers will have an opportunity to get their brands and ads into our upcoming print publication!

  • Target market: Expatriate visitors and residents in Manzanillo, Costalegre and beyond
  • Over 196,000 impressions!
  • 7+ years of articles and issues
  • Economical advertising options packed with value
  • Advertise alongside other top, recognizable brands in your market

Discounted prices for 2016

Advertising opportunities…


Free for our paid advertisers and community


  • Link and listing in the business directory
  • Classified ads and calendar events that are not directly promotional
  • Advertorial articles that are relevant and non-commercial in nature (credit to an author of a business such as: by Sandra Salas of Sandra’s Salads)
  • Public service announcements (non-profits or charity events)
  • Donate gifts for our draws and contests or for staff use
  • Do a promotional event or campaign for our readers



  • Sidebar tile ad (125x125px)
  • Banner ad (468x60px)
  • Other sizes also available through promotional spots


Methods of payment: cash, credit card, bank transfer (Mexico or Canada)


WEB AD plus…

  • 1/4 page – $350 MXN per issue (min 3 issues)
  • 1/2 page – $600 MXN per issue – can be horizontal or vertical (min 3 issues)
  • Full page – $1,000 MXN per issue (min 3 issues)


Note: These packs are for special cases such as homes for sale or other temporary purpose



WEB AD plus these options to advertise in the e-magazine…

  • 1/4 page – $3,200 MXN per year (a discount of nearly 48%!) – MOST POPULAR!
  • 1/2 page – $4,300 MXN per year- can be horizontal or vertical (a discount of 53%!)
  • Full page – $6,000 MXN per year (a discount of 57%!) – BEST VALUE!



  • All ads can be changed monthly, with two weeks’ notice
  • Art and ad copy are due the 15th of the month prior to publication (publication is the 1st of each month)
  • Articles (with photos) are due the 15th of the month prior to publication (publication is the 1st of each month)
  • Art must be delivered in high resolution, preferably in English and Spanish, and in very clear text (arrange delivery method with the Ads department in advance, subject to approval for print and web quality)
  • Contact info must be included in art, such as a web site address
  • You may wish to consider offering monthly specials or discounts
  • We can have your ad designed for you if you do not have a graphic artist (extra cost)
  • Send one default, timeless ad
  • Always send an additional, high resolution square logo with your order
  • Please update us when your contact or business information changes
  • Special pricing will be available to our advertisers for periodic print publications
  • Ask about options for payment in contra for up a further 25% reduction

Banners and tile ads

  • Small tile 125x125px
  • Large tile 250x250px
  • Banner 468x60px
  • Leaderboard 728x90px

File type             


File size               

  • 150kb or smaller

Magazine ads

  • Full-page, full-bleed: 8.75×11.25” with bleeds; 8.5×11” trim size; 7.75×10.25” live area
  • Full-page inside: 7.75×10.25”
  • Half-page horizontal/landscape: 7.75×5”
  • Half-page vertical/portrait: 7.75×5”
  • Quarter-page: 3.75×5”

Acceptable formats

  • TIFF with minimum resolution of 300 ppi/dpi
  • JPEG with minimum resolution of 300 ppi/dpi
  • Press-optimized PDF

Ad and cover photos

  • Cover – 9″ wide by 11.25″ tall, at 300 dpi minimum resolution, vertical/portrait orientation with strong colours
  • Inside the magazine, in articles, 5×7″ (portrait or landscape orientation) at 300 ppi/dpi minimum resolution
  • TIFF format preferred, otherwise JPEG, JPG, PNG

Handy guide of pixel sizes for best resolution

Pixel dimensions (approximately)

  • Thumbnails for web pages 120×90
  • Images for web pages 640×480
  • Publication (quarter page) 1600×1200
  • Publication (half page) 2400×1800
  • Publication (full page) 3200×2400


  • We reserve the right to make modifications and edits to the images, articles and ads to provide the best fit for our audience
  • Where possible, send original files of ads and articles
  • Original files can be processed in these formats: PNG, PDF, EPS
  • When uploading art, name it like this: Company Name – file type – date (in this format yyyy/mm/dd), for example: Tours de Colima – small tile ad – 20160325
  • Date format for all correspondence: yyyy/mm/dd