Casa Talk

2010 August 2010 Patty Clarkson

By Patty Clarkson from the August 2010 Edition

My owner’s neighbor, John Corey, of Juanito’s Restaurant fame, suggested the name that is perfect for me. Ola Brisa ~ since I do enjoy both the vista of the ocean waves and a wide array of beautiful palm trees (more on that later) and, of course, the wonderful breezes.” “My family, Tommy and Patty are also unlike most couples that retire in Mexico after long careers in usually one field. They have worn several work hats and lived in many parts the world. I heard Patty say that in ten years they had moved nine times. Is that crazy or what?

They finally hung up the traditional “work yoke” in late 2006 after returning from a tour in Iraq where they actually lived in a shipping container. Before that they lived on a 1.2 square mile island in the Kwajalein Atoll (2,000 miles past Hawaii). Prior to that little adventure they lived in New Jersey aboard the Lighthouse Lady, their 42’ Carver power boat. Tommy and Patty had originally planned to settle in the Puerto Vallarta area but, thank goodness, they found me and gave me a whole new “look” and in only three years.”

“The one feature that makes me so very special is my garden. I would make a humble bet there is not another garden that could match mine, perhaps in all of the state of Colima. Tommy, the” palm guy” had a vision and has made it come true with rare and exotic palms, plants and flora from all over the world. His “babies” are so pampered and have grown beyond my, or anyone else’s, wildest expectations!”

“But enough chatting, I think that my story is best told simply with pictures. And please remember that they bought me in early 2007 and then they spent eight months away from me in New Orleans helping in the post Hurricane Katrina efforts (oh yes – living in a hotel suite
– so by now I’m looking very roomy to them.”

“No matter how I got here or what the Clarksons’ had to do to find me….we’re a good match.”

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