Manzanillo Sun Online - August 2015

August 2015

In this issue:    Living in Mexico The First Decisive Step – Suzanne A. Marshall El Salto – Ed Labine   Nature Bromeliad – Tommy Clarkson Torch Ginger – Tommy Clarkson   Entertainment Whiplash – Suzanne A. Marshall   History Aztec Sun Periods – Kirby Vickery   Technology How much computer power do you need? – Señior Tech   […]

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Fruits / Frutas

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the August 2014 Edition English Spanish Apple Manzana Apricot Chabacano Avocado Aguacate Banana Platano Blackberry Zarzamora Cantaloupe Melon Chino Cherry Cereza Coconut Coco Cranberry Arandanos Date Datil Fig Higo Grape Uva Honeydew Melon Melon Valenciano Lime (Key) Limón (Mex) Lima (Esp) Lemon (seedless) Limón (Esp) Lima (Mex) (sin Semillas) Mandarin Orange […]

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A Fountain of Youth

By Suzanne A. Marshall from the August 2014 Edition I’m getting old. Chronologically that is. But I still feel young. And as they say nowadays; ‘sixty something’ is the new ‘forty-something’. Now you couldn’t tell my granddaughter this but certainly in my mind that’s how I feel! So when the spirit moves me along with many […]

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Toltec Tie-in

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the August 2014 Edition I’m really into a book written by Lewis Spence (Published by Dover Publications, Inc. in 1994). Spence was a mythologist and died in 1955. The original publication of ‘The Myths of Mexico and Peru’ was published by George C. Harrap & Company Ltd. London., in 1913. Even […]

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Manzanillo Sun June 2012 cover

August 2014

In this issue: Entertainment At the Movies – How to Train Your Dragon – Suzanne A. Marshall Sex Tape – Suzanne A. Marshall General Interest Letters to the Editor Don’t Overlook the value of international Stock -Yann Kostic Special Attraction Danzas Folklorico Manzanillo Mexico Viva – Mark Wright An evening at the dance – John […]

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Manzanillo Sun October 2011 cover

August 2013

In this issue: General Interest Third Party Ratings – Yann Kostic Portrait, Snapshot or Memory – Señior Tech The Lone Ranger – Suzanne A. Marshall Nature Sago Palm – Tommy Clarkson Living in Manzanillo Summer Time in Manzanillo  – Freda Rumford Jaws of Life Presentation Spectator Sports – Suzanne A. Marshall History A Backward Glance […]

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