Carne Adobada-Marinated Pork

2010 February 2010 Food Recipes Terry Quizoz

By Terry Quizoz  from the February 2010 Edition


4 Pounds (2kilos) of pork meat (loin, ribs, chops or any other cut)

2 Tea spoons of salt

3 crashed garlic cloves

2 Tea spoons of whole leaf oregano
1 Quart of blended chili sauce

(6 mid size tomatoes, one garlic clove, half a medium size onion and two chili anchos , cook in two cups of water and blend).


Sprinkle meat with sauce, add garlic and oregano to blended chili sauce-. Pour over meat and marinate in refrigerator for 6-8 hours or overnight-. Cook slowly on top of the stove or at 350C in oven for one hour or until meat is tender, thick slices of potatoes can be marinated and cooked with the meat. Slice, chop or cut into little pieces and fill your tacos with meat, beans, onion and parsley and any salsa you can get your hands on and enjoy!!!!

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