Day of the Children

2010 February 2010 Tommy Clarkson

By Tommy Clarkson  from the February 2010 Edition


Yes, most parents feel that they care for and about their children . . . but ounce for ounce, few can hold a candle to the intensity of how the majority of Mexican Moms and Dads dote on – and take pride in – their offspring.

A class case in point is the recently completed DIA DEL NINO -“The Day of the Children.” The three colonias of Pedro Nunez, Abelarda L. Rodriguez and La Cruz combined efforts for an afternoon wholly for the children of these communities.

For a visiting Gringo couple, the laughter filled event and familial togetherness harkened of wonderful memories from their small, rural, Midwest community activities of their youth in the late 40’s and early 50’s….before the seeming loss of open eyed innocence wrought by crass commercialism and the popular media.

The totally enjoyable activity was coordinated by some ten area adults for 220 -300 children aged 3-12. Under colorful pink, white and yellow banners, numerous pinatas were the object of ferocious swings, strikes and misses. A trampoline – with a net guard around the sides – was another highpoint of the activities as were numerous drawings for money and gifts of plastic balls and candy.


Jamaica – sweet, dark red punch made from Hibiscus flowers – complemented bowls ladled full of hot and delicious pazole.


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