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The new book is ready! You can now order Volume II of “The Civilized Jungle”

2018 February 2018 Tommy Clarkson

By Tommy & Patty Clarkson from the February 2018 Edition

Who doesn’t enjoy tropical palms, bright jungle flowers and a mango margarita?

Well, in the words of that smooth crooner of the late 70’s Meatloaf “Two out of three ain’t bad.” (And, actually, the last one can easily be realized by a personal trip to Ola Brisa Gardens!)

But of the former two, if unable to be here in person, what better way to vicariously bask in our balmy environs no matter where one might be this winter than through graphic word pictures and great photography?

This is a fast and easy way to order Volumes I and II of our award winning book series “The Civilized Jungle”.

We have created a small web site, Planting Tropical Roots that will provide more details about the series, a page dedicated to your purchase options, a short author’s bio and our contact information. The site is simple and easy (like us)!

Enjoy. (And we look forward to your physical visit here at Ola Brisa Gardens!)

Download the full edition or view it online

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