Manzanillo Sun article

Helpful Hacks to Make Decision Making a Breeze

By Yann Kostic and Tom Zachystal  from the May 2018 Edition Should you buy or rent property in Mexico? Should you choose a house Lakeside in Ajijic or an ocean-view condo in Manzanillo? Should you take that job offer or stay retired? Making sound decisions is one of life’s biggest challenges. If you’re not careful, you can […]

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Mondo Grass-I Planted Roots in Mexico

By Tommy Clarkson from the May 2018 Edition Ophiopogon japonicas Family: Liliaceane Also known as: Dwarf Lily Turf, Monkey Grass or Snakebeard Like a somewhat nondescript person that we busily pass, unnoticed, on a bustling, crowded street, we’ve all seen this plant in a variety of locales and applications. Yet, most likely we looked right past […]

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