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2011 August 2011 Freda Rumford

By Freda Rumford from the August 2011 Edition

Roasted Chicken skin is OK to eat, according to a recent Chatelaine Magazine. Besides having mostly unsaturated fat, it contains valuable proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Just watch the accompanying bread rolls and dessert, they add the calories.

Aspartame is 180 times sweeter than sugar.

Baked potatoes are a good energy food for dieters. They contain more potassium than a banana and, with lots of choices for toppings, can make a good well rounded meal. -1 teaspoon of butter is 36 calories

-1 ounce of cheddar cheese is 113 calories -1/2 cup broccoli is 27 calories
-2 slices of chopped bacon are 82 calories

-2 tablespoons of reduced fat sour cream have 40 calories

Cucumber is a wonderful ant killer. Just leave several slices around a known ant nest or path and they will disappear – rapidly. It is also safe to leave around with pets.

The hole in the Ozone layer above Antarctica is actually shrinking in dimensions. There is no ozone depletion over Australia currently but the UV Index is generally 16 in Cairns and Darwin and half of that in Melbourne. There is less chance of getting skin cancer in Mexico in comparison than down under but that does not mean that skin protection should not be used daily.

The correct motor oil in your car will increase the longevity of your car. Using anything different will do more than lower your gas mileage; it can ruin your engine. Check the manual if unsure of what to use.

That the United States of Mexico, once upon a time, included Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana.

Modern Mexico covers almost 2 million square kilometers (over 760,000 sq mi), is the fifth-largest country in the Americas and the 14th largest independent nation in the world.

Mexico’s population in 2011 according to the recent poll is stated to be 113,724,226 people; almost 10 million more than in 2003.

Mexico City and Guadalajara, population combined equal that of Canada.

Canada 34,349,236 (2011) Mexico 2 cities 36,540,000 (2009)


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