December 2009

In this issue:

Personality of the month

  • Maby Seidel of Mese House – Diana Stewart


  • Going South for Christmas – Freda Rumford
  • First Christmas in Mexico – Terry Sovil
  • Our twisted way of speaking – Tommy Clarkson


  • Ansilo de los Ancianos in Manzanillo in dire straits – Glen Wilchek

Recipe of the month

  • “T’s” Galley – “T  from Schooners”


  • Las Palomas Blancas – Howard Platt
  • Prospero a beach tale of days gone by – Jim Evans

Cover image – December Photo Contest Winner – Macy Seidel


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Terry Sovil

Terry is a founding partner and scuba instructor for Aquatic Sports and Adventures (Deportes y Aventuras Acuáticas) in Manzanillo. A PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) Master Instructor in his 36th year as a PADI Professional. He also holds 15 Specialty Instructor Course ratings. Terry held a US Coast Guard 50-Ton Masters (Captain's) License. In his past corporate life, he worked in computers from 1973 to 2005 from a computer operator to a project manager for companies including GE Capital Fleet Services and Target. From 2005 to 2008, he developed and oversaw delivery of training to Target's Loss Prevention (Asset Protection) employees on the West Coast, USA. He led a network of 80+ instructors, evaluated training, performed needs assessments and gathered feedback on the delivery of training, conducted training in Crisis Leadership and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention to Target executives. Independently, he has taught hundreds of hours of skills-based training in American Red Cross CPR, First Aid, SCUBA and sailing and managed a staff of Project Managers at LogicBay in the production of multi-media training and web sites in a fast-paced environment of artists, instructional designers, writers and developers, creating a variety of interactive training and support products for Fortune 1000 companies.

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