Manzanillo Sun November 2010 cover

May 2011

    In this issue: General Interest This n’ That – Apple Cider Vinegar – Vivian Molick Personal Wonderings – Howard Platt Change your choices – change your life – Karen Trom History The streets of Manzanillo – Valentine Gomez Farias – Terry Sovil The Funding of Franciscan Missions Part II – Fray Junipero Serm […]

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Manzanillo Sun October 2010 cover

March 2011

In this issue: Nature Purple Gallinule – Howard Platt Planting Roots – African Mask – Tommy Clarkson Raggedy Wings – Terry Sovil More Fish than Water – Howard Platt History The Streets of Manzanillo – Adolfo Lopex Mateos – Terry Sovil Living in Manzanillo A day with the Ar mada – Robert Hill PATA Poker […]

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Manzanillo Sun August 2010 cover

February 2011

In this issue: Letter to the Editor General Interest Calendar of Events – February 2011 St. Valentine’s Day – Vivian Molick Sun Trivia A mixed bag of memories – Tommy Clarkson History The Spanish Missionaries in Mexico – David Fitzpatrick The Streets of Manzanillo – Francisco I. Madero – Terry Sovil Humor “Brilliant” Asleigh Ellwood […]

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Fiery Redheads

 By Howard Platt from the February 2011 Edition The common habit of assuming a type of behaviour from a name can be misleading. The official name for the vermillion flycatcher is pyrocephalus rubinus. “Pyro” comes from the Greek meaning fire and “cephalus” means head. When you see one you are likely to be impressed by […]

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