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2013 Health January 2013 Karen Trom Living in Mexico

By Karen Trom from the January 2013 Edition

Healthy Living Habits that Anyone Can Follow!

A friend gave me a plate of delicious Christmas cookies and a jar of Rum Balls and was so surprised when I was eager to eat them. Most people assume that because I exercise and eat healthy that I would turn down cookies. Not so fast- it’s because I take care of myself that I can indulge now and then an not feel guilty! Everyone thinks if they want to live healthier that they will only eat twigs and tree bark and generally have no fun at all. This is certainly not true and it is much easier to make a few changes now than have to make radical changes when you have a major medical problem.

Dieting to lose weight for a wedding or other special event is not the ticket to longevity. Eating a healthy diet to add quality years to your life is the key. Exercising every now and then will not keep you fit, it needs to be a daily commitment to move more and push yourself harder than you think you can. It’s not easy but it certainly is worth it.

With all the discussions about the cost and availability of health care it just makes sense to treat your body well in order to avoid so many medical issues that are lifestyle related.

Here are a few habits that will change your life: (thanks to SkinnyMs. for the ideas)

1- Eat for Longevity. What you eat is what your body uses to heal, grow, and to fight off infections. Essentially, what you eat can either get you one step closer to health, or one step away from vitality and a longer life. Would you want to choose a meal packed with nutrients, or one that packs on pounds and makes you feel sluggish? Don’t let your schedule or previous bad habits make the choice. This doesn’t mean you can never enjoy a hamburger again, just think of it as a treat that you enjoy on special occasions.

2- Avoid Eating Anything That isn’t Nutritious. Keeping disciplined eating habits means that your brain needs to make choices on your body’s behalf. Don’t allow emotional triggers, or a lack of time to lead you astray. Just follow this one simple rule: Don’t put anything in your mouth that doesn’t nourish your body. Before you quit reading…go to the next tip.

3- Eat Cheat Foods. Denying yourself of sweets, filing foods and the foods you love will only make your relationship with food a battle. Give yourself one day a week or one time-period of the day when you allow yourself to eat whatever you want, even if it’s a Whopper. What you will find is that these foods become less appealing as you develop a healthier relationship with foods that are good for you, and you will crave them less. I know it sounds odd but it is true. Another tip- do 15 jumping jacks before grabbing a treat. Many times I still grab the treat but at least I burned a calorie or two on the way to the cookie jar!

4- Exercise Every Day. Workouts should not feel like a death sentence. If they do, you are not exercising enough or you are doing the wrong exercise. If you don’t like running, don’t run. Do you like dancing? Then dance. Find something you enjoy and do it on a regular basis. Just 15 minutes a day not only burns calories, it also releases important brain chemicals and hormones that improve your mood. Raising your heart rate for 15 minutes a day improves oxygenation in your body further nourishing all body systems.

Don’t obsess over weight loss, or muscle tone just shoot for healthy habits, and healthy thoughts and you will get there. Once you make exercise a part of your daily routine you will find you look forward to it and might even want more!


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