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A word to the wise!!

2011 Living in Mexico September 2011

By Manzanillo Sun Reporter from the September 2011 Edition

Should you be considering the incredible coloured NOOK as an alternative to other E-Books available, be advised that Barnes and Noble will not allow a person to download book outside of the US or Canada. Magazine have been received but not a book. I even tried downloading it to the computer as a NOOK for PC, that wouldn’t work either. Other ways are being explored as we speak, but nothing to report as of yet. The operator at B & N was quite snooty and I was overly polite in return!!

Please let us know the experiences of the other E books so we can let travellers know what to expect. Quite probably this is a governmental thing to overcome.

These are in place mainly to protect Mexico from illegal immigrants from the countries to the south of Mexico: Guatemala, Belize etc.

Although the laws now say that travellers from the U.S. United Kingdom and Canada no longer require a Visa (FMT) for visits of up to 180 days, they must have a passport which will not expire within 90 days of entry in the country and several blank pages in their passport. (It is recommended that 6 months to expiry is preferable.)


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