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News Flash- Help Wanted in Drive

2011 Living in Mexico September 2011

By Manzanillo Sun Reporter from the September 2011 Edition

Despite several people driving down through Mexico with no difficulty this summer, after having had some scary experiences on the way out, one or two people are a little worried about making the journey back down by car this fall on their own.

If you are travelling to Manzanillo at the end of October and would like to make a “caravan” of cars or wouldn’t mind shepherding, please let the editor of this magazine know as soon a possible, so that you can be connected.

Usually, the people most worried, take the following route but they have no objections to crossing at another border post if necessary.

“We usually come straight South from Denver to Las Cruces, New Mexico then head East toward Juarez but turn to a small crossing called Santa Teresa, New Mexico. This is a small crossing and easy to get through. We then head straight South through Chihauaha, first stop is Jimenez, still in the State of Chihauaha. We then spend a night in Aguascalientes and home to Manzanillo the next day. Our whole trip takes about 3.5 days. We would not be opposed to crossing in Nogales if that is the way most people go, so if you hear of someone we would really appreciate it.”


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