Manzanillo Sun 2010 year in review cover

September 2011

In this issue: General Interest Calendar of Events – September Mexican Celebrations –  Elaine Parker Lycra Spandex and the Ageing body – Suzanne A. Marshall Did you know? – Freda Rumford Office Bytes – Cap Lock – Vivian Molick Health Obesity – Karen Trom Living in Manzanillo What surprised you after moving here? – Cheryl […]

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The Pirate’s Realm

By Shine Dawson from the February 2010 Edition The carrack or nao was a three-or-four-masted sailing ship developed in the Mediterranean in the 15th century. It has a high rounded stern with an aftcastle and a forecastle and bowsprit at the stern. It was square-rigged on the foremast and mainmast and lanteen-rigged on the mizzenmast. […]

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