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You Want What?

2012 April 2012 Cheryl Weaver

By Cheryl Weaver from the April 2012 Edition

OK, so you’ve rattled around Manzanillo from this colonia to that looking for stuff on your “You can’t find that in Manzanillo” list for the last three hours without luck. What is more work, finding a parking spot in El Centro or taking the bus and walking you don’t know where? or do you throw financial caution to the wind and tell the taxi driver to take you to the nearest ______________ , screw the cost, because you are tired and sweaty and need to cross SOMETHING off that damn list! THEN you will deserve to treat yourself to that HUGE Margarita your favorite little restaurant serves and a leisurely lunch to boot.

But for right now, the list looms with the clock ticking and the tummy beginning to growl. The heat has gotten to you and air conditioning sounds a long ways away. You decide to satisfy that first and drop by “Cabo Grill” – where the A/C hugs you like a lovely hostess and the ambiance is like stepping into a California bistro experience. From the designer drink menu to the surprise “try it, please, no-charge, we’re gathering opinions” broth that was served like a warm drink, this place is different from most. Servers were uniformed and pros – good service – not stifling but there when you needed them.

The menu was a little confusing – no prices on the English version – just on the Spanish one! Reason being, I suppose, most Americans and Canadians would consider the prices on the low side while the Mexicans think of it on the high side. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised with the cost of lunch including two (be it short-pour) good California Chardonay glasses of wine. The menu was entirely fish – even the children’s menu, and the quesadillas, and enchiladas. But absolutely outstanding and delicious.

You are overwhelmed with the same feeling as when you enter Liverpool Dept. Store in Colima for the first time and walk the mall. If you’re getting homesick, give it a try.

Back to that list. How about a Manzanillo store called “We Got It!” that would stock all the non-food essentials we load friends down with when they visit from the states:-
Items like….Sheets, Isotoner Slippers, Oven thermometers Chardonnay NOT from Chile, Acid free tissue paper Decorative Chain, Scratch paper that are not index cards, Effective Weight Loss Products, Bubble bath, Bath Mats (matching towel set), Advil PM, Real Perfume.

There would also be an all-in-one Cyber cafe/copies/fax/printer/telephone/money exchange, pay-your-bills, Postal Connection services, stationery supply book store. And a Starbucks-like bistro like a Botanas restaurant but pastries would be included with your Mexican gourmet coffee. And there would be a consignment section with gently used items for sale – no clothing though.

Oh yeah, and right next door would be a mani/pedi salon that includes wine with their services ……. and down the street a Waldo’s like it used to be – stocked!!!

Hey, what’s up with that??


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