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2012 January 2012

By Cesar Hernandez from the January 2012 Edition

Sam’s Club and Home Depot, will arrive in 2012

Mayor Nabor Ochoa López announced, on 19th December 2011 that the land which faces the Mexican Fiesta (which usually houses the circus), on the Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid has been acquired to build the new Sam’s Club for Manzanillo. He also confirmed that Home Depot will be adjacent. The building will take place very likely in the second half of next year. This important economic news will provide many jobs for Manzanillenses.

He stated that when executives of the company acquired the area of 20 thousand square meters, they planned to start building in the early months of next year but had to be delayed few months while waiting for approval by the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) for the environmental impact.

“It borders the lagoon area property and steps must be taken to ensure that the natural environment will not be affected. The land has been acquired and we have already started the procedures for building permits, so only the release of the environmental impact study is needed to continue with the project.” he said.

2nd Annual Fund raiser in support of Community Outreach Programs such as food distribution to the less fortunate in El Naranjo, Salagua, Bill y Bob Rehabilitation and emergency help such as food, clothing, etc. for hurricane victims and others in need.

The January 13, 2012 “Noche de Esperanza” (Night of Hope) event starts with Entertainment and Silent Auction at 4. P.M. Dinner at 6. P.M. Choice of Beef Fajitas, Filet of Fish or Stuffed Chicken. All for only $200. Pesos.

Get tickets for this worthy cause from Jean Scheifle 314-335-1064; Ginny Ruiz 314-335-1955 or Lee Gonzales 314-336-4627


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