What Surprised You After Moving Here?

2011 Cheryl Weaver September 2011

By Cheryl Weaver from the September 2011 Edition

Government entities run pretty efficiently.

Foreigners that move here long term go through “trial by fire”. Much of it, our own doing.

There is NO evidence of drug use, except taxi drivers that seem addicted to speed.

Teenage Girls will surrender their seats on the bus to you

The “mañana” syndrome is NOT the norm.

Retribution and grudges are an accepted part of the culture

No enchiladas

Margaritas cost the same as in the states There are no degree markings on oven knobs

The rudest people are a few taxi drivers and bus drivers

Some stuff you decided to bring, you don’t need, and the stuff you left behind is what you do.

A new meaning for the word “frugal”. The physical demands of daily life

The simplest of tasks can easily turn into monumental projects involving several people and much time.

Walking extensively does not affect weight loss.

Outright lying is not disguised, explained, or a source of embarrassment

Nothing is as straight-forward as it seems to be or could be – and that can be a source of frustration

It’s quiet at night.

Boney dogs do not dominate the streets. Timeshare hounds are a rarity.

Mariachis are not on every corner – neither are beggars or children selling “Chiclets”

Top 40 Pop Hits still have romantic lyrics Pet cats are 3 times less than dogs.

Life is simpler without confidentiality laws.


Petty theft by opportunity is common.

You are solely responsible for yourself about everything – from crossing the street to counting your change.

It is hard to find used stuff for sale. Ingenuity here is an art.

Strangers openly stare and will ask personal questions.

“Out of Stock” at one vendor doesn’t mean it’s not at the shop next door.

“No” means ask in a different way – or somebody else

Academic graduates show genuine pride in their accomplishment and do not take education for granted.

Even little kids are well -behaved as a rule and appear content.

Most cars on the street are clean.

Things seem to just “work out” if you have the time and grace to let them.

I have broken more things, and more things have needed repair in 7 months than in the last 10 years put together.

Getting together with people you hardly know is a very common occurrence.

Each day is a surprise – you rarely know what to expect.

The best: People help each other.


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