A Short Lesson on Speaking Spanish

2011 August 2011 Living in Mexico

By Sra. Martha Martinez from the August 2011 Edition

In Spanish the letter H is silent. Here’s how to pronounce some words, contrary to almost all other letters. The “U” being an exception in some cases. Also keep in mind that the ”J” in Spanish is pronounced like the “H” in English.

Chihuahua               (chi ua ua)                         One of the largest states in Mexico/breed of dog
Hago                        (ago)                                   I do
Hazlo                        (azlo)                                   do it
Hecho                       (echo)                                 done, event (legal term)
Halago                      (alago)                                praise; a compliment
Herida                      (erida)                                  wound
Hembra                    (embra )                               when referring to female animals
Ahijado/a                 (aihado)                               godson/goddaughter
Hoja                         (oja)                                     sheet of paper; leaf; blade
Hogar                     (ogar)                                     home
Hervir                     (ervir)                                      boil
Homro                    (ombro)                                   shoulder
Hombre                  (ombre)                                   man
Ahí                         (ai)                                          there
Alhaja                    ( alaha)                                    jewel


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