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By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the March 2016 Edition

Our beachfront condo is fantastic on all fronts but for a full kitchen. We are not concerned, as Manzanillo has numerous eateries that do. So after an afternoon of playing Mexican Train on the terrace overlooking the bay, my wife and our guests were ready for a good meal. A friend
recommended Rock Food in Las Brisas. Since it was a Sunday evening, we felt confident reservations were not required.

My wife always teases me about my ability to get a parking spot at the door, and true to form we parked and our first experience of Rock Food was the large Buhda backlit by the Manzanillo sunset. As we walked up the path, wonderful aromas wafted in the air from the kitchen.

We were greeted and escorted to our seats with a magnificent view of Manzanillo Bay and Centro.

Our host turned out to be the owner, Rolando. On finding out that this was our first visit to his restaurant explained how he personally selects and purchases the fresh ingredients used to prepare the dishes on the menu including the fish from the fish mongers at the Cinco de Mayo and Santiago Mercados. He told us that his prime objective was to serve a high quality meal at fair prices, but most important was the patron’s enjoyment and satisfaction.

 A platter of fresh tostadas and salsa were delivered as the waiter took our drink orders. The salsa was slightly spicy with no after burn, just the way I like it.

Our friends decided to start with the Tempura de Calamares. Bea was a bit disappointed as the Calamari was overcooked. When Rolando came by to check on our progress, he tasted one and agreed. He removed them and said he would return with a properly cooked order. A few minutes later, he returned with not one, but also an order of the Calamares a la plancha (Calamari done with garlic). Both were superb.

I am reluctant to order mixed platters; I cannot remember a time when one of the items was not either overcooked or cold. Rolando said the if we wanted the Pescador Parillada (grilled fish platter including 200 grams each of Tuna, Salmon, and Snapper, and large Shrimp on a skewer), the fish would be grilled to our liking. I asked for the Tuna to be seared, and the Salmon moist.


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