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2014 April 2014 Food Tommy Clarkson

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the April 2014 Edition

Gee Whiz. Gee Whilickers. Gelato! Sometimes ya’ just gotta’ start with the icing on the proverbial “eating out” cake . . . . and that would be the case in this most exemplary of places to eat.

In fact, it’s two culinary entities that were “born” at the same time and now sometimes reside in the same place: These are “VITO Ristorante Italiano Pizzeria” and “L’Arte del Gelato”. A veritable dynamic duo of great eating under one roof!

The “parents” of these entities are Mexican Italian Rosa and Dutch native Reiner and the locations from which this couple operate these establishments are several. (Listed at the bottom.)

First and foremost, however, is that in perhaps all of Mexico, the most superlative, delicious, exceptional, outstanding, scrumptious (if it’s a positive adjective, please apply it here) personalized, hand-made Gelato is of their own, carefully crafted creation! Rosa went to a specialized Gelato school in Bologna, Italy to learn the art of preparing Gelato the Italian way.

So, Gelato ice cream, what’s the difference?

Let’s see: Edsel Lamborghini; Spam Filet Mignon; Shower shoes Scarosso hand-made leather loafers. Is there a difference? You bet!

Firstly, Gelato is a healthy concept. Gelato contains from 4% to 6% of natural fat, while ice cream contains from 18% to 22%. Beyond that, American-style ice creams are churned fast and hard to whip in plenty of air. Gelato, on the other hand, is churned at a much slower speed, which introduces less air into the base making it taste denser than ice cream . . . because it is!

Another interesting fact is that Gelato is hand made in small quantities for the daily supply at the different points of sales. Unlike ice cream, gelato is produced every day with fresh and natural products using no preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors.

(Actually, the origin of this frozen delicacy of gelato dates back thousands of years with the earliest desserts being recorded in 3000 B.C. when Asian cultures mixed crushed ice and flavorings. The Pharaohs of Egypt jumped on the chilled band wagon five hundred years later offering guests, a cup of ice sweetened with fruit juices. And, before too long, Italians recognizing a good thing when they saw (or tasted) it, began the ritual of eating the ice of the volcanoes from Mts. Etna and Vesuvius and covering it with honey.)

Have Rosa and Reiner a variety of this treat? Well, I reckon! How about just for a beginning Ferrero Rocher, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Baileys (Irish Cream), Yoghurt with Berries (Patty’s favorite), Dark Chocolate, Coffee, Coconut, Pecan, Cinnamon, Oreo Cookies, Mango, Stracciatella (cream and chocolate), Tiramisu, Mint with Chocolate, “Rose Petals”, Mandarin, Orange, Mamey, Berries, Strawberry, Lemon, Vanilla, or possibly Dolce Latte.

Now, on the other hand, if it is great pizza you are after, might we suggest you go to their location on la Audiencia heading up the hill toward the water, they are located at the end of the long business complex structure on the right, approximately 100 meters in on the right.

Theirs pizzas are thin crust, uniquely created in a stone oven unlike any other, hundreds if not thousands of miles from here. It is made . . . in only two minutes . . . .rotating, while rising up and down in a custom-made Marana Forni oven imported from Italy and the first in all of Mexico!

And, just like their Gelato, they’ve a wonderful array of sumptuous varieties, ranging from the more gentile sounding Regina, Margarita or Mamma Mia to the more manly Ferrari, Primavera or Don Vito . . or what of Popeye?

We must admit, so great are their pizzas and exceptional is their Gelato, that we seldom make it past these – but be advised that’ve also a wonderful array of other dishes to include six different fresh salads, pasta dishes of Spaghetti, Fettuccini and Penne as well as Panini and hamburgers.

So, why not reward yourself tonight you now know where to go or for deliver call 332-7135!

Their locations are as follow:
Vito Pizzeria & L’Arte del Gelato in la Audiencia, in front of the Golf Course L’Arte del Gelato: In La Audiencia, in front of the Golf Course; at Las Hades Marina dining complex; and in Plaza Las Palmas near Wing’s Army.




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