2021 May 2021 Suzanne A. Marshall 

By Suzanne A. Marshall on the May 2021 Edition

It has been such a pleasure to share life’s adventures while living in Manzanillo and writing for the Manzanillo Sun for roughly 12 years. They say time flies when you are having fun, and indeed it really does.

With my husband, Allan Yanitski, our years in Mexico have been an odyssey of new friends, sun filled winters, beach walks, making a new home for retirement and travelling to so many wonderous sites throughout Mexico.

We chose Manzanillo for its beauty, friendly people, ease of access and of course a fabulous climate and cost of living. Many years later, we have not changed our minds and have only come to love it more, though the pandemic of late has curtailed many activities and visits home to our families in Canada.

Thanks to the support of Dana Parkinson and her husband Ken Waldie, we have been able to continue our joy of writing and sharing photos for the past six years as they graciously took over production and kept this wonderful magazine afloat. As I understand it we are not gone, just changing formats to suit the times and will be communicating further in the future as Dana sets up a new format for online blogging and sharing.

I was asked to share some favourite photos, a task which proved daunting and pretty much impossible with the thousands of photos we have amassed of Manzanillo and Mexico. So, I picked a few that reminded me of various moments in life while living here and decided to share those.

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