2021 Ken Waldie May 2021

By Ken Waldie on the May 2021 Edition

It was a dark and snowy night. I arose early, the cold biting my skin. Looking out the window, I could see snowflakes swirling in the wind. It had been snowing all yesterday, building a white blanket that would need clearing before the trek could begin. Dressing for the weather, boots, gloves, scarf, hoodie and my trusty big winter coat, I stepped out and grabbed the shovel and started digging out the driveway. Half an hour later in the dark, we started packing the van getting ready for our annual trip to Manzanillo.

We drove to the airport in the dark through snow and ice, the roads barely plowed in the wee morning hours, with cars and trucks slipping and sliding around us. An hour later, we pulled up, unloaded and did the check in shuffle.

Well, that’s how I remember that morning, at least. It was cold and it was snowing and the pilot decided to de-ice the aircraft before takeoff. I peeled off my layers, stowed our baggage, and settled in for the flight. And, later that afternoon we circled Manzanillo and headed north to a 3 point landing.

On rising out of my seat I realized that with a back pack and both hands full of luggage I had no way to tote my winter clothes. So, with a shrug, I donned my under and outer jackets, stuffed my gloves and scarf in the pockets, popped on my pack and shuffled down the aisle. I’m sure you’ve seen passengers loaded to the gunwales sidling along, bumping everyone else and every seat as they go…

I made it to the door and stepped into the afternoon sun and it hit me that humid blast of heat that made its way through my winter gear and started cooking me like an egg in the pan. The airport ground crew stopped unloading to look while I descended the stairway and, although the staff greeted me in their friendly, warm way, I could see the look in their eyes…. Here comes Uncle Buck, but from Canadian Bacon! I should have kept my toque on to complete the image.

Manzanillo and Mexico have transported me into a new world, far removed from the one I live in, for now at least. I’ve seen the sights, the wonders, met great people, forged friendships and, as I learn Spanish (gracias, Miss Linda!), I am more fascinated and cognizant of the traditions and sensibilities of life in Mexico.

While I’m in “Otherland”, the Manzanillo Sun has helped keep my connection and thoughts of Mexico alive. Being one of the lucky ones who proof read the issues most months, I found the words and photos pulled me back, like the memory of the warm blast of Mexican air I got when stepping off the plane.

Now, with world events encouraging us to hunker down, mask up and stay home, changes are inevitable. The same-same we have known can at best be similar but different. Circumstances, events, global warming and the winds of fate have bid this lovely little magazine to close. Goodbyes are sad, but I look forward to spending time in Manzanillo soon; perhaps our paths will cross.

I leave you with a couple of my favourite photos from recent adventures (Colima volcano tour with Jupiter Rivera, orchid farm with Fidel Maza).

Thanks for reading and sharing, hasta luego,



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