2021 May 2021 Terry Sovil

By Terry Sovil on the May 2021 Edition

I remember back to the original organization meetings for a local magazine. Freda A. Rumford plus many others gathered to write various articles. I still have my copy of 2009/2010 Edition of “Shopping in Mexico”. It was some list of basic food translations, emergency and referral numbers for all kinds of workers and doctors. This book was compiled by Freda. I still reach for it for a translation on a spice name back to English. It sold for a whopping 100 pesos. Much of what was passed on from a person to a new person has now fallen to searching the internet. I started writing for the magazine and found that I could pick a topic that interested me and I would learn a lot from the research and assembly of photos, etc.

The camaraderie was strong among the writing staff and the receipt by readers was good. They have all been cataloged and stored in online systems. I’m very happy and proud of the articles I got assembled and published.

As for photos, one year I did get to act as Santa. It was sort of fun but I felt like I was going to be trampled by all the people shoving and pushing. There’s one of me in a pool doing Open Water Diver skills and training. And the last is one of me suspended in the beautiful Manzanillo water as I wait for the other divers to enter the water out of our boat. Nothing for relaxation like diving!

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