Manzanillo Sun

Avoid Mistakes Now, Live a Happy Retirement Later

By Yann Kostic on the July 2019 Edition It’s easy to make financial mistakes when you’re young, because you can generally recover from them over time. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said as you approach retirement, when you’ll have less room for error. With that in mind, here are five mistakes that are easy to make […]

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Ti Plant- I Planted Roots In Mexico

By Tommy Clarkson on the July 2019 Edition Ti Plant Cordyline Fruticosa Family     Agavaceae Asparagabeae Also known as Cordyline, Hawaiian Ti Plant, Palm Lily or Tree of Kings Since writing about the more commonly seen, magenta colored and often simply called a Cordyline featured in Volume I of our “The Civilized Jungle” book series no few […]

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Hibiscus- I Planted Roots in Mexico

By Tommy Clarkson  on the July 2019 Edition Hibiscus Family Malvaceae Also known as Rose Mallows (Regular readers of my weekly column, “Planting Roots in Mexico,” or those who’ve perused the first two volumes of our “The Civilized Jungle” series, are aware that, generally, I strive to write about specific species, not general genera somehow that […]

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