Speak Nautical?

2010 November 2010 Terry Sovil

By Terry Sovil from the November 2010 Edition

Do you Bet you do! headway ? This means the ship is moving.
Making means forward movement and make way ad way means backing up. So if you are sternway you are making forward progress on that big making project. You are also probably or perhaps even experiencing smooth sailing . full steam ahead My mother used to say “there is always something to take the joy out of life”. So if you see problems ahead you may have to safe harbor . If it’s really rough you will look for on the rocks where you can anchor so
you don’t end up weather a storm. Sometimes you are simply at the anchor(no more anchor line).

While in that safe harbor you hope that no other boats end of your . If they do you could get to close or drag their well end up of them meaning your anchor lines have tangled and you may possibly collide. running afoul and If that happens you may have hopefully have insurance. run afoul of the law high If you can’t get your anchors and anchor line untangled and dry and the tide starts to go out you could well be left on the mud flats or perhaps a reef. If your stress level is high enough or you work too hard you bill of he lth.cle n may need to see your doctor and hopefully get a
During the age of sail this certified that the crew and their previous port were free from plague, cholera and epidemics. the doldrums One of my favorite expressions is that the”between the
dream and deed lie ” which are stretches of ocean infamous for light winds so you can’t sail. You could lie for days or even weeks waiting for the wind to pick up. If you had a good supply of rum aboard the Captain may provide an extra ration and some of the crew could end up
A sheet isna nautical term for the lines that control tension on the big square sails on old sailing ships. On a 3 -masted ship if all the sheets are loose the sails flap uselessly in the wind. The ship drifts out of control until it is underthree sheets to the wind control again. could also mean you.
Being groggy quietly saved several days ration of rum and drank them all at once leaving you feeling . You weren’t supposed to do this so it was insubordination. British Admiral Edward Vernon had daily rum rations diluted with water to help avoid drunken sailors. He grog was called “Old Grog” because of a coat he always wore
groggy and if made of grog ram. Sailors ended up drinking they drank too much they felt . Today, overly tired or lightheaded like you just woke up.

If you wake up feeling more than groggy it could be under the weather that you hadn’t had too much rum but were sincerely or ill and feeling sick. A sailor assigned to keep watch on the windward bow (the front of the ship facing into the wind) would be subjected to under the weather all the wind and the waves crashing over the bow. This unpleasant duty was called being as sometimes sailors would fall ill and die from this duty.

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