Comings and Goings…..

2010 Linda Breun November 2010

By Linda Breun from the November 2010 Edition

There is a new casino under construction at the site of the old Nautilus bar and disco. Still no word on the opening date, watch this space.

Don Andres’ Ranch is now open again for dinner and Sunday brunch on Elias Zamora in Las Garzas. (see the review this magazine)

Rosy, the beautician, has moved. She is working with her daughters who are estheticians. Full skin & body treatments plus hair services & mani/pedi available.

Her new address is Calle Tomas Luna No. 16-B. Phone is 314 335 4046 or cel 044 314 122 3480.

Word has it that Sam’s Club has obtained a piece of property and construction is imminent. I have not seen anything but was told it is out near La Jolla, the colonia, not the housing project.

We hear that La Recife is not opening this year with the old management anyway, they are sticking to the new location of Las Hadas Marina

New!!!! Restaurante el Parian, on Av. Manzanillo, just a block east of the crucero to Las Hadas, opened from now on at 17:00, with delicious Pizzas baked of le~a, pastas, fajitas and many surprises more …!!!.

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