Good News for those with Colima Plated Vehicles

2012 Freda Rumford January 2012

By Freda Rumford from the January 2012 Edition

The chairman of the Communications and Transportation of the Colima State Congress, Francisco “Pico” Zepeda announced recently that all vehicles registered with Colima licence plates will now qualify for special automatic permits for toll booths within Mexico. The electronic smart card and chips can be bought at the government office by Soriana and at a machine at a toll booth itself. In the future, extra time will also be available at banks, Oxxos and recharge kiosks in a similar manner to minutes for cell phones. The chips will be detected at special lanes to toll booths and payment automatically deducted from the card. For non chip card travellers the cost is currently 108 pesos. For frequent travelers with the prepaid card the cost is discounted to 64 pesos, a huge saving over a year.

Sr. Zepeda said that the principal benefits of this card are that it works with all compatible electronic toll systems, saving time, eliminating the use of cash, giving better control of expenses, tax-deductible payment, electronic billing, consulting balances and account movements can be found on the internet page along with required detail card application forms:

Needed to purchase the Toll Card are: a copy of the Mexico voter registration card, proof of address & vehicle registration certificate. There is a minimum purchase requirement purchase of 250 pesos, and the system automatically gives the discount at the booth when used.


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