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Fiambres y Quesos

2014 August 2014 Food

By Manzanillo Sun Writer  from the August 2014 Edition

Cold Cuts & Cheeses

English                                           Español

Bologna                                        Mortadella
Braunschwieger                          Salchichon de higado ahumado
Breakfast Sausage                      Salchicha para desayuno
Hot Dog                                        Salchichon
Liverwurst                                   Pate de Higado de Cerdo
Sausage                                      Chorizo/Salchicha
Sausage for Grilling                     Salchicha para Asadero
Boiled Ham                                   Jamon de York
Cured Ham                                   Jamon Serrano (similar to Prosciutto)
Oven Baked Ham                         Jamon Horneado
Smoked Ham                                Jamon Ahumado

Cheeses /Quesos

Product                                          Description

Añejo                                           Very old and crumbly
Asadero                                       For cooking. Like Mozzarella
Chihuahua                                    Similar to mild Cheddar
Manchego                                    Goat cheese. Similar to Gouda. Good substitute for Jack or Muenster
Panela                                          Very soft white cheese. Similar to Ricotta
Queso Crema                              Cream Cheese
Queso Holandes                          Gouda
Queso Parmesana                       Parme
Queso tipo cottage                      Cottage cheese
Queso tipo Americano                 American cheese, usually sliced processed cheese.

Many familiar types of cheeses are now coming onto the Manzanillo scene such as: Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Edam, Cheddar, Gloucestershire.

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