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2018 Around Mexico February 2018 Ken Waldie

By Ken Waldie from the February 2018 Edition

Canada is cold. Hell is Endothermic.

I woke this morning to grey twilight. Last night, it had snowed 2 inches, but now it was raining the cold piercing rain that only those who live on the northern coastal region would know. Bundled in my coat and scarf, I cleared my truck of heavy slush and headed, or slid, to work along a road I could swear was sprayed with Pam. It rained all day and, by 4:30, the sky was dark grey, almost black again. I drove home in the dark.

Three seasons of the year I live in a beautiful land, near Vancouver Canada, but from November to March, I live in an icy Hell! I bet you thought Hell was warm but it is not it’s cold, I promise. And if you have expectations for your after life, put them aside because Hell is definitely endothermic and you’ll wish for a scarf.

Perhaps I’ve developed an attitude after decades of experience, up here in the far north, but I have found the elixir of life re-born. It sits smack dab in the middle of Manzanillo. It’s our home away from that other place where we have to live and work for now.

I can still close my eyes and remember the feeling that hit me the moment I stepped off our flight at ZLO a year ago, an em-brace of a beautiful, sunny, warm humid hug. Although I snagged more than a few looks, trudging across the tarmac in a winter coat, I didn’t care because it felt so good to be in the sun again.

Did you know that sunsets and sunrises are the most photographed subject? It’s true. The warm colours of sunsets appeal to our senses, and cause physical responses due to the electrical frequency from the light hitting us. Warm, “happy” colours make us feel good. I’m counting the days until I can come back to enjoy Manzanillo’s sunsets again.

I’ve noticed that life is less hectic and small things are more pleasurable in the Mexican sun. Eating outside is a special treat, as is the experience of simply wearing only a t-shirt and shorts. Simple pleasures like going for a walk and sitting out at night with friends have a new significance for me when the winters here close in. I often think of walks through the markets, the colours and sounds of buyers and traders and, everywhere I go, there is some kind of music in the air… how wonderful!

As you have your morning coffee, or afternoon cerveza, as you feel the warm sun, or just sit outside enjoying your surroundings, take a moment to remember that you really are in paradise where I’d like to be right now. Cheers!

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