April 2016

In this issue: Planting Roots in Mexico Silver Fittonia – Tommy Clarkson Florida Thatch Palm – Tommy Clarkson Living in Mexico A Day at the Beach – John Chalmers The Unexpected – Suzanne A. Marshall For the love of Vanilla – Kirby Vickery Rancho Colina de San Miguel – Ken Waldie Flora Exotica – Freda […]

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March 2016

In this issue: Living in Mexico A lucky Escape –  John Chalmers Ode to March – Kirby Vickery Finally They’re Back – Suzanne A. Marshall Driving in Mexico – Ken Waldie Restaurant and Recipes What Constitutes a Good Restaurant? – Allan Yanitski Salpicon – Dana Parkinson At the Movies Experimenter –  Suzanne A. Marshall The […]

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Manzanillo Sun January 2016

January 2016

In this issue: Nature Planting roots in Mexico – Papyrus – Tommy Clarkson Panama Hat Palm – Tommy Clarkson Entertainment At the Movies – Heart of the Sea – Suzanne A. Marshall Star Wars – The Force Awaken – Suzanne A. Marshall Living in Mexico A fight to the life – Kirby Vickery Mexico by […]

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