Don’t get Hacked on Facebook

2020 November 2020 Señior Tech

By Señior Tech on the November 2020 Edition

My wife, Mrs. Señior Tech, just got a notification from a friend on Facebook. When she clicked on the “Like Button” it asked her to authenticate her Facebook account. Never! Never! And, I do mean, NEVER, provide your username and password when asked for authentication when you are already logged in to Facebook. You will give that information to an Expletive Deleted hacker.

The link took her to a site harvesting Facebook accounts and passwords. They would then be able to harvest her con-tacts and send messages out as if they were her. If you have ever gotten a message from a friend stating they have been hacked, this is probably the way the hacker got their login information.

So, if you don’t want to have to go through the hassle of cleaning up your Facebook profile, do not ever authenticate your Facebook information when you are logged in to Facebook. And you will not have to walk the shame, stating “My Facebook account was hacked”.

Stay safe and stay healthy! (Both your body and your computing devices)


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