2013 August 2013 Food Tommy Clarkson

By Tommy Clarkson from the August 2013 Edition

Now just what does one write about a restaurant named after the scaly behemoth of a beast that in movie theaters anyway – destroyed Tokyo in 1954 and reeked general havoc in several ensuing sequels?

Well, dining-wise, I’d encourage that one bring a monster of an appetite as the servings are as plentiful as they are good!

And, otherwise, just what about that name? Why Godzilla’s? Co-owner Paul Redington puts it rather simply and succinctly, “Godzilla was determined, tenacious, and some way or another would always make a comeback. Accordingly, we strive to be the first two in preparation and presentation of our food and, in turn, hope our customers will enjoy their experience with us and like Godzilla, soon “come back”!

Now, with that as a base, if it’s an original and fun dining treat you seek, call (335-3771) a few days before going there and order a 4.4 kilo Godzilla Burger with fries to cut up and share among the four to six of you. To date, no one individual has eaten a whole one though a free T-shirt awaits whomever can!

In the restaurant’s creation, “The Big Apple” well partnered with “The Lone Star State”. The establishment’s day to day operation is directed by the big but gentle, and very personable, Paul, a New Yorker by birth. His generally, more serious faced co-owner, Texan Sam Burton, often can be seen on site handling a multitude of chores when not running Tropical PCB Design Services which makes printed circuit boards with offices in the States and Guadalajara.

This unique eatery is located at 1163 Blvd de la Miguel, just north of a Casino and south of Bar de Felix on the bay side of the street. They’ve even got reserved parking on the street for its customers. Paul can generally be found on site, greeting and chatting with customers or back in the heat of the kitchen personally preparing meals.

If you’re a bit of a traditionalist but have a sense of adventure, an array of hamburgers are available ranging from El Capitan, through Juicy Lucy, La Hawaiian, Beso Picoso (Spicy Kiss), Buenos Dias, La Cacahuate to El Hijo de Godzilla.

Then they have Pescado (fish), Cameron (shrimp) and Vegetariana (figure that one out on your on) sandwiches as well as several great salads my favorite is the Cobb salad, with great blue cheese chunks, but all mixed up not presented in organized rows!

Other fine fare includes Pollo fettucini, Cerdo al estilo Hawaiano, pulled pork and more. My Patty often has their fish and chips served with enough french fries to feed a platoon of hungry infantrymen.

Then there are other great selections such as Camarones empanizados con papas (fried shrimp prepared with french fries) and Pescado Negro (blackened fish).

If you’ve saved enough space for desert and I recommend that you do so try their Budin de pan (bread pudding with roasted pecans and cinnamon raisins decadently resting in a pool of lemon sauce), their flan or equally wonderful New York cheese cake.

Yes, not to worry, beer and mixed drinks are readably available too, made in the comfortable bar on the south side of the facility which seats 115 inside and out.

Their customers are a wonderful amalgam of gringos and Canadian ex-pats, local Mexican families and vacationers. And for fun, check them out on FACEBOOK.

So is it a good place to go?

Yep, we rate it a gargantuan great!

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