Costalegre – Mexico’s Western Riviera with a Twist

2016 August 2016 Living in Mexico

By Suzanne A. Marshall from the August 2016 Edition

The western coast of Mexico is rapidly developing a tourist zone known as Costalegre (roughly translated: happy coast, joyful coast or coast of joy). The area spans about 200 kilometers of stunning natural bays, pristine beaches and resort areas be-tween Manzanillo Colima and Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. With six areas currently ready to receive visitors, this is only the beginning of developments slated for this stretch of coastline. Respecting nature in its captivating natural beauty (40% ecofriendly margins inclusive in developments) the coastline encompasses, mountains, jungles, coves and islands, many of which are being carefully protected for their natural environments. These zones are: Bahia de Navidad, Bahia de Tenacatita, Costa Careyes, Bahia de Chamela, Costa Majahuas, and Cabo Corrientes.

I had the good fortune to attend the July monthly luncheon meeting of Las Mujeres Amigas (Women Friends) in Manzanillo.

There was a comprehensive and fascinating presentation given by various local business representatives for tourism, Rotary Club, Colima state and the city of Manzanillo. Though much of the presentation was given in Spanish, we were very fortunate to have a person with the presenters capable of detailed English translation.

So what does this mean for Manzanillo in the future? Well, I’ll share some of the major points I was able to garner as a listener. It’s all good. One can expect a tremendous ripple effect to spin off from these developments. Not only will it be good for the tourism economy, but plans are in the making for some significant upgrades to infrastructure in and around these areas. There is no doubt it is going to be equally good for employment opportunities and all the small businesses that play a part in the scope of economic expansion.

For example, expect upgrades to the Manzanillo airport which will be receiving more flights from more airlines. This, of course, means many more travel options for seasonal residents coming and going as well as those who may be considering buying property in the area for retirement or vacation living. Already a city undergoing rapid development with port expansion and population growth, more flights, more people and more services equal a vibrant economic future.

Massive road construction projects are also currently underway for the highways and resort areas between the two cities. That means great local access to these coastal locations for shipping and transportation and for those among us who want to whip up the highway for weekend getaways or adventures to these areas with visitors, family and friends.

I would expect commercial bus lines are also anticipating an increase to their client numbers given the popularity and the high-quality service they already provide in Mexico. I know a number of residents who often hop on a bus to take a break from highway driving. The local Mexicans already use these premier bus lines between cities quite extensively.

As this is not a comprehensive story of Costalegre, but more a first impression, I am no doubt unaware of the many other de-tails that are underway for future planning. In Manzanillo there are possibilities for a convention centre, aquarium and poten-tially a stadium. In addition, I read in the local news* that there have been recent meetings with the municipal president (mayor) to discuss strategic projects for Manzanillo with the Ministry of Tourism.

There are 12 strategic projects under discussion representing an investment of 897 million pesos. Some of these projects include: a cable car in the historic centre, completion of the main Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid and major upgrades to the marina and central port areas. The article described these as taking a ‘short time’. It certainly underscores my belief that big things are happening in Manzanillo and surrounding vicinities in the next few years. ¡Qué Bueno! *Manzanillo News Mx-online.

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