After the Storm

2011 Freda Rumford November 2011

By Freda Rumford from the November 2011 Edition


First printed in the Guadalajara Reporter 20.10.2011

Following the recent stories about Hurricane Jova, it seems necessary to add yet a little more. Upon going out and about in Manzanillo, it was extremely sad to see the amount of Mexican families that had been totally destroyed by the huge amount of water coming from the hills.

Hundreds of house, thousands of people with their homes totally ruined by HUGE mountains of mud. Cihuatlan, just up the coast, was devastated as was Melaque, whilst Barra de Navidad seems virtually unscathed (at least on first glance), Cihuatlan’s hospital had to be evacuated and the red Cross lost all of their mattresses.

One thing in particular stands out. The Civil Defense Captains and their band of volunteers, along with all of the services they command in times of emergency, the Red Cross, both in Manzanillo and Cihuatlan, the CFE (Electric Company) the Army and the Marines, all were ready and waiting and leapt into action immediately. All of us foreigners are in awe of what they have done and are still doing to help everyone regardless of who they are. This is commented upon by everyone we have over the past few months. These are the PEOPLE of Mexico, the warm-hearted, loving, welcoming Mexican people who will have nothing to do with the drug cartels. They get on with their life and ask us to join in spoken to, It make s all realize what a very safe place we are living in, despite all of the bad press Mexico has been getting. The people asking for help are those dispossessed of all of their possessions and now struggling to survive, are asking for goods not money that can easily be diverted. They need non-perishable food items of all kinds, bedding, mattresses, furniture, clothes for men, women and children. This is an ideal time for hotels that will be changing their mattresses this year, to give the old ones to very deserving people.

Manzamigos A.C., the foreign organization in Manzanillo has emptied their bank account in order to buy everything that can be thought of. This was done in the memory of the several people within the organization who have passed away this year.

It seemed the ideal way to remember them and pass on their giving natures. They are Gordon Cameron April 2011, Howard Platt June 2011, Ed Small Aug 2011, Peter Harcourt Sept 2011, George Cleland October 2011.

For anyone who can give from their heart, the Red cross in Manzanillo can be reached at Valle Las Garzas or as shown below. Financial contributions can be sent to Manzamigos who will buy goods on your behalf or to:

Cruz Roja Mexicana, Delegacion Colima Acct. number 0190321222 or international or interbank # 0120900019032122222 Red Cross statement:

We are presently collecting all goods at our main branch on the street behind the “Bonilla Valle” Auditorium any day and any hour of the day Thank you for all your help !!
Sra. Reyna Garcia
From the foreign population, we say a HUGE thank you to the Mexican nation for a job really well done. Thank you for allowing us to live in such a wonderful society.


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