Manzanillo Sun

A Short Lesson on Speaking Spanish

2011 Living in Mexico September 2011

By Martha Martinez from the September 2011 Edition

Usando las letras “Ll”.

The sound of the letters “ll” is very much like the sound of the “J” in Jump.

Manzanillo                                 (manzanijo)
Bello                                          (bejo)             beautiful
Camello                                     (camejo)        camel
Callejón                                     (cajehon)       alley
Llave                                          (jave)            key
Llueve                                        (jueve)          rains
Llavero                                      (javero)         key chain
Llanta                                        (janta)            tire

Sometimes when we speak our Spanish words fast, the ”ll” is heard like “iyo”.

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