Words That Sound the Same

By Martha Martinez from the February 2012 Edition In English, words that sound the same, but have different meanings are called Homophones. For example: There, Their, They’re. Here are some Spanish homophones. BELLO. -beautiful VELLO.- bodily hair BIENES.-property (house) VIENES.-to come BOTAR.- throw away; bounce (ball) VOTAR.- vote GRABA.- to record GRAVA.- gravel HIERBA.-weed HIERVA.-to […]

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Manzanillo Sun

A Short Lesson on Speaking Spanish

By Martha Martinez from the September 2011 Edition Usando las letras “Ll”. The sound of the letters “ll” is very much like the sound of the “J” in Jump. Manzanillo                                 (manzanijo) Bello                                          (bejo)             beautiful Camello                                     (camejo)        camel Callejón                                     (cajehon)       […]

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