Manzanillo Sun

A Return to the World of Bridge in Manzanillo

2011 January 2011

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the January 2011 Edition

The Duplicate Bridge Club of Manzanillo plays once a week (either Mondays or Thursdays depending on what is most convenient for us) from October until Xmas. Beginning January 3rd we will play twice a week on those same days until sometime in May. The game starts at 1 pm in the library area of the Club Santiago Beach Club. We are a very friendly group of all levels of bridge and enjoy the game and the company of one another.

The restaurant at the Beach Club is keen to serve lunch to those who come early. They are very accommodating to us giving us as many tables and chairs as they can.

During the high season we usually average about 6 to 8 tables and during the off season we have 3 to 4 tables. The cost to play is 10 pesos which we keep for a party near the end of the season and some of the money goes toward buying supplies, giving a donation to the beach Club and a small donation to charity. During the off season we divide the money up among the winners.

Duplicate bridge is a bit more competitive than regular contract bridge but our club is not that serious and we welcome anyone who understands the game of bridge.

It is best if you can come with a partner but if not we will try and find a partner for you.

We have had to bare the loss of two of our regular members over the summer. Both men will be deeply missed. Ted Turner was an avid bridge player and Dave Button was the heart and soul of the club for many years. For more information or any questions please contactDonna McElroy at 333 7850 or email

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