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2011 January 2011 Linda Breun

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the January 2011 Edition

Convenience Stores

Everywhere one looks these days, there is a new KIOSKO or a new OXXO springing up. Different to the 7-11’s up north, the prices are not inflated against the supermarkets, but very likely you will find cheaper prices at the little corner Mom & Pop stores which are gradually being squeezed out by them.

The Night Scene

Several new night clubs are around town now or maybe there is just new fresh signage on previous clubs. The old Nautilus Disco is being changed into another Casino, no opening date known currently We have noticed Table Dance on the Boulevard and New West Karaoke.

None of these are on our recommended list by the Sun as we have not visited them but we do need feed back to pass on.

Restaurant Scene.

A new Chinese restaurant has opened at the La Perlita site just past Schooners, Palacio Chino. We haven’t eaten there yet, so information on how authentic it is would be appreciated.

Opposite Toscana restaurant is the new location for Los Caramelos Tacos previously in the old Vikings site. Pizakoket Pizza is now open in the area by Wings, where an entire fast food plaza is being built. ZLO Food, Drinks, Beds, Santiago Bay south of

Margarita’s is advertising opening soon, and at Miramar in the Old Pedro’s site is Club Inntegra. Micheladas Bars are also popping up all over the place. Micheladas by any other name are the good old ‘Lager & Lime’ Mexican style, sometimes with a little heat added. Very reasonable, very thirst quenching.

Another new Ice cream spot is El Dederderos, right by the Pemex opposite Kentucky Fried Chicken. They offer Smoothies, Floaters, Helados and Micheladas. Has anyone tried a Beer Float?

In the supermarkets.

Look for GUTEN meats. These are cryo-packs of Beef or Chicken, hamburger, fajita meat or shredded beef. These are solid meat, precooked and suitable for stir fries pot pies etc. Around the 20 peso mark for 457 grams, they are excellent for those meals in a hurry. Seasoning is required but they are very good value. In Soriana they are at the south end of the milk section and in La Comercial, in the deli. Also look for Papa Tortas in La Comercial in the Dairy section, heat in the oven for a short while, left over’s are great fried for breakfast.

A new brand of cooked meats, sausages and bacon is Corona. Ian swears that the chorizos are as almost as good as the Smokies back home.


We have been asked about schools that teach in English as opposed to schools which teach English! Advice has come in that St Johns, Campo Verde, Terranova, Monte Corna all do this but it is advised to check the percentage of English/Spanish when enquiring about the syllabus.

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