Words That Sound the Same

2012 February 2012

By Martha Martinez from the February 2012 Edition

In English, words that sound the same, but have different meanings are called Homophones. For example: There, Their, They’re. Here are some Spanish homophones.

BELLO. -beautiful
VELLO.- bodily hair
BIENES.-property (house)
VIENES.-to come
BOTAR.- throw away; bounce (ball)
VOTAR.- vote
GRABA.- to record
GRAVA.- gravel
HIERVA.-to boil
TUBO.- pipe
TUVO.- had
ESTATICO.-not moving
CIEN.- hundred
SIEN.- side of the head
COCER.- to cook
COSER.- sew
AZAR.- random
ASAR.- to broil
CAZAR.- to hunt
CASAR.- to marry
CAZA.- hunt
CASA.- house
ASTA.- stick
HASTA.- until
HECHO.- made
ECHO.- to put in


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