Words That Sound the Same

By Martha Martinez from the February 2012 Edition

In English, words that sound the same, but have different meanings are called Homophones. For example: There, Their, They’re. Here are some Spanish homophones.

BELLO. -beautiful
VELLO.- bodily hair
BIENES.-property (house)
VIENES.-to come
BOTAR.- throw away; bounce (ball)
VOTAR.- vote
GRABA.- to record
GRAVA.- gravel
HIERVA.-to boil
TUBO.- pipe
TUVO.- had
ESTATICO.-not moving
CIEN.- hundred
SIEN.- side of the head
COCER.- to cook
COSER.- sew
AZAR.- random
ASAR.- to broil
CAZAR.- to hunt
CASAR.- to marry
CAZA.- hunt
CASA.- house
ASTA.- stick
HASTA.- until
HECHO.- made
ECHO.- to put in


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