Manzanillo Sun June 2015 cover

June 2015

In this issue:  Living in Mexico Guy with the Yellow Shoes – Steven McDorman June – Kirby Vickery Nature Planting Roots – Aloe Concinna Baker – Tommy Clarkson Planting Roots – Blood Leaf – Tommy Clarkson Food Jicama – Suzanne A. Marshall The Potato – Terry Sovil Entertainment Woman in Gold – Suzanne A. Marshall Suits – Suzanne A. […]

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Manzanillo Sun May 2012 cover

June 2014

In this issue: Nature Planting Roots  – Bromeliads – Tommy Clarkson Bougainvillea – Tommy Clarkson Las Mariposas – Suzanne A. Marshall Living in Manzanillo Casa Hogar Los Angelitos – Mark Wright Manzanillo Letter – Mark Wright Life and Pleasure – Freda Vickery Mujeres Amigas Newsletter – Elaine Parker Living in Mexico Travelling the “Wright” Way […]

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Tommy’s Tummy

By Tommy Clarkson from the June 2014 Edition The Number “Juan” Restaurant in Manzanillo My wife, Patty, says that a business has “arrived” when folks answer a query for direction with something like this, “The place you are looking for is two blocks south of Juanito’s.” Indeed, Juanito’s Restaurant is such an eatery of renown! Upon arriving there, […]

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The Game

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the June 2014 Edition Some men like to take the family to a Sunday game. If the family doesn’t have an interest the guy’s friends do and with tickets they all can be entertained for about three hours with some socializing before and after the game. This is the modern man’s dream […]

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Manzanillo Sun article

We all have met ‘em. . .

  By Tommy Clarkson from the June 2014 Edition (Most everyone knows someone like this. He is the individual who has done it all. Everything you’ve experienced, he’s done better. Recently while flying home, trapped at an altitude of 39,000 feet, one such individual sat next to me. The following is a continuation of this, seemingly, unending experience.) “You […]

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