Volcanoes / Volcanes

By Terry Sovil  from the December 2016 Edition A volcano (singular, volcanoes plural; Spanish volcán or volcanes) is a mountain which opens down into the earth to a pool of molten rock. When pressure builds up, an eruption can occur, causing gas and rock to shoot up through the opening and spill over or fill […]

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Désiré Charnay

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the December 2016 Edition Several other expeditions visited the ruins before Frans Blom of Tulane University in 1923, who made superior maps of both the main site and various previously-neglected outlying ruins and filed a report for the Mexican government on recommendations on work that could be done to preserve […]

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Manzanillo Sun e-magazine cover December 2015

December 2015

  In this issue: Living in Mexico After Patricia – Suzanne A. Marshall Christmas Celebration Mexico – Sun Reporter Treasure Ship – Ken Waldie Histories Mystery – Kirby Vickery At the Movies Spectre – Suzanne A. Marshall Bridge of spies – Suzanne A. Marshall Planting Roots in Mexico Lady Palm – Tommy Clarkson Red Flag […]

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Manzanillo Sun July 2012 cover

December 2014

  In this issue: Nature Planting Roots in Mexico – Blue Agave – Tommy Clarkson Asparagus Fern – Tommy Clarkson Living in Mexico Cafe Review – Restaurante Las Abejas – Suzanne A. Marshall It’s all so good! – Suzanne A. Marshall Letters to the Editor -RVing Travel Part I – Terry Sovil Thanksgiving Turkey – […]

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Manzanillo Sun January 2012 cover

December 2013

In this issue: General Interest Manzanillo Calendar – Glenna Palidwor Warning! DO NOT Respond – Señior Tech New ACA Tax Laws and Roth IRA’s – Yann Kostic Immigration Update – Grace Ramirez Movie Review – Candelabra – Suzanne A. Marshall Nature Planting Roots – Travelers Palm – Tommy Clarkson Ixora – Tommy Clarkson Traveling and […]

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