Make Christmas Really Special

2016 December 2016 Suzanne A. Marshall

By Suzanne A. Marshall from the December 2016 Edition

1If you are in Manzanillo over the Christmas season, this is your opportunity to be involved in a wonderful event put on especially for the children in the area. It takes place December 24th in the afternoon at a local neighborhood school ground.

Last year my husband and I offered our assistance and found ourselves amidst hundreds of anticipating children. Dressed in their finest dresses and shirts, all those happy faces were treated to entertainment, the breaking of piñatas and great food and drinks.

                                                                              Kids catching loot from the piñata

Each child received a quality gift and all those beaming smiles really made our Christmas. I might add that we met some very nice people there too, all working together and keeping the festivities under control.

Our volunteers need your assistance. Donations to the party fund will defray the costs of food and gifts. There is also a need for additional people to help run the event such as serving food, cleaning up and the general organization that such a celebration entails.
Further details regarding the location and transportation will be made available as the event planning progresses.

If you can help out, please contact the following organizers:

 Jimmy and Barbara Brown at (314) 334-1201 (home)
 Dennis and Linda Breun (314) 334-7927 (home),
314-133-1630 cell

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