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2022/2023 Christine Laberge

By Christine Laberge on the Winter 2022/2023 Edition

Let’s face it, we’re all getting older; therefore, health care and health care insurance is a common topic of conversation when moving to, retiring or snow birding in Barra de Navidad, Manzanillo, Melaque, Colima, or anywhere in the Costalegre area. If you have insurance coverage in the US or Canada, SkyMed is the bridge to take you from Mexico back to the health insurance coverage you already have in place and are paying for in your home country.

The flagship of the SkyMed Group of Companies, SkyMed International, has been serving the traveling public since 1989. SkyMed is a membership transport company specializing in 18 emergency travel services and organizes air evacuations literally all over the world under almost every kind of circumstance.

If a member sustains a serious illness or injury while traveling in one of the 32 countries that make up the SkyMed Service Area, he or she will be returned back to their home preference city once stabilized.

There is even coverage available for travel outside of the 32-country service area (USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Bahamas), called Global Emergency Travel Service (GETS). So, unless you are located on the moon, SkyMed is there for you!

Even if you have Medicare Advantage (MA), SkyMed is an important add-on to round out your medical plan. What if the diagnosis you receive in Mexico is plain wrong or the suggested treatment plan is too invasive? Even if MA covered you in Mexico, would you want open-heart surgery when you didn’t need it? Surgery for diverticulitis, when oral antibiotics and a change of diet would work? Remember, in a Mexican hospital, neither Supplements nor Advantage plans pay medical costs once you are stabilized (not dying, but still very ill). At that point, most people do want to get home. SkyMed is not terribly expensive and is worth it.

SkyMed includes so much in their emergency travel services.

Included in the Ultimate SkyMed Membership (without copays, deductibles or claim forms) are:

• Hospital to Hospital Emergency Air Transport
• Vehicle Return (Autos, RVs Motorcycles, Vessels)
• Visitor Transportation

• Transportation For Recuperation Nearer Home

• Commercial Carrier Medical Escort Flights
• Minor Children/Grandchildren Return

• Physical Remains Return
• Companion Transportation

• Return Transportation After Recovery
• Incidental Expense Allowance
• Organ Transport
• Organ Recipient Transportation
• Primary Driver Disability

• SkyMed Plus Pet Transportation / Return Commercial Flight / 24-hour Assistance

• Ground Ambulance
• Helicopter Transport

• Global Emergency Travel Services

SkyMed takes care of it all. With just a simple phone call, SkyMed rolls into action and arranges for a medical escort, ambulances, doctors and medical flight staff, lear jets, commercial flights, flies in a visitor to be at your bedside, takes your pets home, and even communicates important updates to your emergency contacts.

Some people ask: ‘If I have medical insurance in Mexico, and I no longer have medical coverage in the US or Canada, is SkyMed still a viable option for me? The answer is ‘Yes.’ For example, if you had a serious health issue while visiting the US or Canada, SkyMed would evacuate from the US or Canada back to Mexico where you have medical insurance. Plus they would fly in a loved one to be at your bedside.

Pricing is affordable and flexible.

Do you think this service is too expensive for you? Be prepared to be surprised. SkyMed has a plan for every budget and ‘accepted’ pre-existing medical conditions are protected on the 91st day. SkyMed is all about saving you money. Build the SkyMed bridge to the health coverage area you already have.

If living frugally in Mexico is your aim and you have Canadian provincial health care, US Medicare, VA insurance or private health care, you need SkyMed when a Serious accident or injury occurs as the bridge to GET YOU HOME where your medical is paid for, where you have familiar hospitals, doctors, family and friends AND where you can be treated in your own language.

Sign up with SkyMed when you are as young and healthy as possible. There is guaranteed renewal (on the same level plan) and the Membership Price is Locked For Life (as long as your membership doesn’t lapse.)

Remember, ‘hope’ is not a plan. The best way to have peace of mind, is to put emergency travel in place. The first step is to register for one of Christine’s upcoming SkyMed Seminars.

Christine Laberge works as a Certified SkyMed Ambassador in Lake Chapala. Following Catherine and John Gonzales’ retirement, she is offering SkyMed Seminars in the Manzanillo/ Barra/Melaque territory as well as ZOOM webinars from the comfort of your home. View the ad and contact Christine to register for upcoming Skymed Seminars.

Christine Laberge

SkyMed Ambassador Rep #1512791 Cell: 333-661-3402


Facebook: Ajijic SkyMed Christine Laberge


Read Survivor Stories here: survivor-stories/

Watch this short ABC video: TheSkyMedGroup/videos/244939816419057

Ready for a travel adventure?

When a medical emergency occurs, you’ll either be glad you have SkyMed, or wish you did! SkyMed takes YOU, your traveling companion, your car, motorcycle, boat, children, grandchildren, physical remains and even your pets all the way home!


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