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Social and Techie Tips & Tricks for a Manzanillian

2015 April 2015 Señior Tech Technology

By Señior Tech from the April 2015 Edition

Every now and then we realize that we don’t know it all. We have to keep learning! The first tip is credited to my wife Señiora Notsotechie. There are additional letters required in Mexico when you are typing a letter. If you have an Apple computer, phone, or tablet; by holding your finger on a letter on the keyboard, a selection menu will appear onscreen above the letter. For example, to get a ñ, hold down the n key on the keyboard for a couple of seconds, and then select the ñ symbol. Holding the “a” key will display the following characters ( à á â ä æ ã å ā ).

On a Windows computer to get the ñ character you need to type 0148 then immediately after simultaneously depress the “Alt” and “x” keys on the keyboard. If you are using Microsoft Word, from the Insert Menu select Symbol and find the character. I have not found an easy way to find and select special characters in Windows.

I did not try this trick on an Android device, so if you are using an Android phone or tablet, hold your finger on the letter “n” and see if this feature works.

The next tip deals with what I like to call “PICS” (Personal Information Cards for Seniors). During our working careers, these were known as calling or business cards. Whenever you meet someone interesting, you can quickly provide him or her with your email and local telephone number(s). Rather than scribbling the information on a paper napkin or whatever piece of paper is available, hand them a card that demonstrates your personality.

This year before we left Canada for Manzanillo, I had 500 cards printed in full color using my photos. The cost for printing, shipping and taxes was $31.00. The order is completed online and there are numerous templates available to select. Designing a card is a simple step-bystep process and a preview shows what the finished product will look like. I was delighted to be able to use my own photos. When I was a Sales Representative for a printing company years ago (more years than I care to remember), full color business cards would cost hundreds of dollars to setup and print.

The company I used is Vista Print in Canada, in the USA. Allow 5-10 business days from the order date. In my case the time was one week after the order was placed. So go ahead find your best photos, design your card and the next time you meet someone new, you can simply hand them your “PICS”.

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